Safety Applications with Machine Vision

To further improve pulp making safety, Procemex machine vision applications are an ideal choice for your pulp bale handling.

Deviations and shortcomings in manufacturing process can sometimes increase the risk of a hazard. Procemex machine vision applications measure, alarm and document potentially hazardous situations and provide higher operator and machine safety for working conditions where it is difficult to recognize the elements of danger. Safety application can further be customized on site to meet the exact site requirements.

Some of our applications:

Pulp Bale Number Identification

  • An automatic identification of pulp bale numbers at various process locations. Reduces manual labor by line operators.

Pulp Bale Metal Wire Wrapping Analysis

  • Analyzes bale wrap twist for completeness. If the twist does not fulfill requirements, then an alarm signal is given to the operator. To prevent bad twist from going forward will help reducing risks related to highly tensioned metal wires.


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