Quality Applications with Machine Vision

An excellent paper quality is a target for paper makers – that’s why Procemex has also a strong focus on high quality machine vision solutions in paper machinery.

Whether you manufacture pulp, paper, board, or tissue Procemex has solution for improving delivered product quality. Applications can be easily customized on site when needed.

Quality inspection system with machine vision:

Roll Header Presence Check

  • Cameras check presence of roll headers before the roll can continue after wrapping.

Roll Tail Positioning

  • A roll is rotated so that the roll tail is at a desired position before roll wrapping commences.

Roll Roundness Analysis

  • Outof-round rolls will cause vibrations and even damage at customers unwind equipment.

Core Eccentricity Analysis

  • If the core is not in the center of the roll, then the roll will vibrate on an unwind station.

Pulp Bale Number Identification

  • Automatic identification of pulp bale numbers at various process locations. Reduces manual labor by line operators.

Pulp Manufacturer Identification

  • Automatic identification of pulp bale manufacturers at relevant process locations.

Slitting analyzer

  • Analyzes roll slitting making sure that all rolls are within given width specification and that the rolls are straight.


Got interested? Contact us and we will find out a perfect quality inspection system and solution for your specific needs!