The simple secret behind your success - using integrated web inspection and monitoring with machine vision applications

With Procemex® Integrated Web Monitoring and Inspection, you can detect, identify and understand defects in real time before they disturb the process or cause quality issues.

Procemex system finds the root cause for paper web breaks

Key Benefits of Procemex Integrated Web Monitoring and Inspection System

  • Increase your machine efficiency by identifying the root cause of your process upsets
  • Clearly detect and classify quality defects before they reach your end customer
  • Run faster with less web breaks
How Do We Do It?
Procemex solution for liner production
Step 1

You gain an entirely new insight into your production by following key locations throughout paper web with intelligent high-speed cameras and lighting technology.

Step 2

Web inspection system stores defects' location coordinates and visualizes them too.

Step 3

Web inspection (WIS) winder functions enable the final quality confirmation with further machine vision applications.


Step 4

The results are transfered to the paper mill's quality data management and tracking.

A Case Story: Saica Partington UK mill



"You save masses of paper and time."

Jean-Christophe Wear
Control Systems, Maintenance Engineer

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