Procemex pick-up web inspection beam

Procemex to Deliver Pick-up Web Inspection for Stora-Enso Veitsiluoto

Procemex has agreed to deliver for Stora Enso Veitsiluoto Mill PM5, Kemi Finland, a full 8 meter width Pick-up Web Inspection System. The system consist of full width Strobe-Led illumination beam and camera beam utilizing Procemex FLEX 2.1 MP pinhole cameras providing sub-millimeter resolution covering the entire width of the machine.

The system features include both Web Inspection and Web Monitoring capabilities for complete sheet defect and break root cause analysis. The system will be delivered in June 2013

Veitsiluoto Mill in Kemi is an integrated production facility manufacturing office papers, coated mechanical papers and sawn products. The world’s northernmost paper producer, and number four among the biggest paper and paperboard mills in Europe, has 750 employees.


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