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Improve your press efficiency by monitoring and recording break evidences with Procemex Print Perfect Solutions.

Already in 2003 the most innovative gravure and web offset printers started developing web monitoring technology with Procemex. This uses high-speed cameras fitted to different parts of the press to help increase press runnability and overall efficiency.

Central to this approach is an easy to use interface combined with networked client/server-architecture to access video based events at the press or at any linked production. The system is focused on solving problems with web breaks, roll changes, mill splices, blanket wash sequences, folder jams and paper defects.


Procemex PrintPerfect – A Complete Range of Vision Tools

The Procemex PrintPerfect range provides you web inspection and monitoring plus print quality inspection and process optimization solutions that cover all phases of your production:

  • Learn to identify the reasons behind problems and how to run with higher efficiency.
  • Get an excellent return on investment. Procemex customers have reported 6-12 months payback times by detecting and improving just machine related items.
  • Communicate easily with paper suppliers since root causes for paper related breaks are identified and documented.

The range is designed to help you maximize end-to-end production efficiency. The PrintPerfect builds a visual story of how the disturbance occured throughout the process, without blind spots.

Procemex camera assembly

Reasons for low press efficiency

The experience from almost 200 presses equipped with the system shows that the root causes of web breaks and reduced efficiency can be typically found and categorized into three main areas:

  • Paper (30-40%)
  • Press performance (50-60%)
  • Operators (10%)

Improving only one of these areas will not lead to optimum results. It is therefore necessary to focus on all three areas to improve overall press efficiency.

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