Procemex spareparts

Spare Parts

Perfect OEM spare parts made to keep your Procemex machine vision system efficient. For example, cameras are the most important part of your machine vision system, so keep them fully operational with OEM parts.

Fast and Reliable Spare Part Deliveries

A full spare parts inventory for Procemex systems is located in Finland. We have also partial inventories in various locations around the world for urgent deliveries. Spare parts are ready to be dispatched even within 24 hours in order to minimize the disturbances in your system performance.

With a service agreement, we can also arrange a spare parts inventory at your site for critical parts. This way you always have the most important replacements available to maximize the system performance.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Refurbishments

In addition to new spare parts, our exchange unit service offers a cost-effective way to replace defective parts with refurbished ones. You can be assured of the same high quality as for original Procemex parts.

It is not always necessary to purchase replacements – we offer also efficient repair services for our cameras, lights and PCs. The repair option comes in handy when there is no urgent time pressure.

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Spare Parts
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Exchange Units
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Repair Service
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  • Cameras
  • Led lights
  • Cameras
  • Led lights
  • Servers and clients


Please use the below link to navigate to our Repairs & Returns page, where you will find instructions for sending goods to Procemex: