Wash Cycle Optimizer

Procemex Print Wash Cycle Optimizer Measurement Head with Integrated Camera and Illumination unit traverse accross the web via pre-defined measurement positions.

The measurement head is developed to meet the demanding environmental conditions at the printing unit. The limited space, environmental challenges and daily operations at printing press are taken into consideration in unit design. The measurement head can be installed to inspect upper and lower blankets and to be positioned in any of the printing units. Carefully considered mechanical design allows easy and quick removal of the measurement head during press maintenance operations.

The camera and LED light modules are moved by a high precision traversing unit enabling micrometer scale dust and ink accumulation measurement over blanket width. Automatic camera focusing system ensures high quality measurement under all conditions over time.


  • Traversing - Precise positioning and easy Installation / removal
  • Integrated camera and illumination with strobe LED-modules
  • Easy maintenance, just keep protection window clean (1-5 day cleaning intervals


  • Megapixel camera
  • LED Light modules
  • Automatic focusing system
  • Measurement resolution 1500 dpi at paper web speeds up to 17 m/s
  • Precise traversing system up to 3 m web width