Portable Laptop System With Up To 6 Cameras

Smart camera architecture enables combining optimum WMS and WIS performance with true  multicamera portability.

Standard camera technology has not been able to provide a solution which could ensure compact size coupled with full performance of problem analysis tools, high frame rate frequency and uncompromisde megapixel image quality.

Procemex has managed to engineer and combine the two challenging factors, portability and performance. We offer you true high-speed camera performance on megapixel resolution level – packed in a way you want, using your own laptop if you prefer.

A typical system configuration includes:

  • Procemex smart camera with selected housing and specification
  • Procemex strobe LED light
  • Small camera/light connection unit
  • Portable quick attach brackets
  • Laptop (with delivery or with your own laptop)


  • Briefcase-size full digital video recording & event analysis
  • Network-based communication between camera and laptop
  • Camera power supply PoE-based or external 24 VAC
  • Internal or external triggering 
  • Complete SW tools for WMS and WIS applications
  • High resolution continuous images inside the camera FIFO RAM-buffer (no hardrive-based continuous recording i.e. no wearing parts)
  • Simultaneous data recording and transferring onto Laptio (Procemex SuperCircle memory concept)
  • Image resolution and frame rate based on smart camera performance
  • Compact and low weight
  • Full WMS and WIS performance in carry-on item size
  • Compatible with all latest Procemex camera and light innovations