One Camera Portable Laptop System

Procemex has managed to engineer and combine the two challenging factors, portability and performance. We offer you true high-speed camera performance on megapixel resolution level – packed in a way you want, using your own laptop if you prefer.

A typical system configuration includes:

  • Procemex smart camera with selected housing and specification
  • Procemex strobe LED light
  • Small camera/light connection unit
  • Portable quick attach brackets
  • Laptop (with delivery or with your own laptop)


  • Briefcase-size full digital video recording & event analysis
  • Network-based communication between camera and laptop
  • Complete SW tools for WMS and WIS applications
  • High resolution continuous images inside the camera FIFO RAM-buffer (no hardrive-based continuous recording i.e. no wearing parts)
  • Simultaneous data recording and transferring onto Laptio (Procemex SuperCircle memory concept)
  • Image resolution and frame rate based on smart camera performance
  • Helps you react fast without the possibility of lost or misplaced luggage (carry-on item on board airplane)
  • Briefcase size digital full video recording and event analysis system 
  • Used by majority of technical customer support groups in paper companies 
  • Includes full web monitoring and web inspection application tools
  • Compact and low weight
  • Full WMS and WIS performance in carry-on item size
  • Compatible with all latest Procemex camera and light innovations