Strobe LED Light

Procemex camera controlled stainless steel strobe LED light illumination is suitable in all web monitoring camera positions.

All Procemex Flex cameras utilize the latest and most powerful LED strobe lighting technology developed by Procemex. The camera fully and automatically controls the strobe lighting to match the camera frame rate. The Camera shutter speed automatically controls the length of each light pulse, resulting in the strobe light illumination only when the camera is filming. Compared to typical metal halide lights with 400-500W power consumption, the light uses just on average of 30W thus eliminating excessive heat generation.

Strobe lighting together with applied super light-sensitive CMOS sensor technology results in camera exposure times of 5-20 Microseconds, effectively freezing paper movement and producing crystal clear images.

  • Stainless steel water-tight housing
  • 90 powerful LED units with light-directing lenses create a powerful light flash exactly timed for camera image capture
  • Normal daylight LED reproduces all colors 
  • Different lenses result in different light distribution model
  • Automatic camera-controlled strobing (frame rate) and flash duration (exposure time)
  • Indirect air cooling prevents dirt from entering the LED units
  • Water cleaning for harsh environment

Key Features

  • Strobe LED light can be positioned independently from camera to create optimum illumination
  • Continuous visibility as no mechanical cleaning equipment
  • Long life time resulting from short flash time and cool operating temperatures
  • Dim light is non-disrturbing to operators due to short exposrure time
  • Creating optimum illumination: A separate light source with flexible positioning allows optimum lighting for shadow creation
  • Continuous visibility: Continuously applied thin water film keeps protection window clean without disturbing cleaning interruptions
  • Suitable in all positions: Cooling and cleaning solutions integrated with stainless steel housing
  • Low heat generation: Camera controlled  strobe mode results in 30W power consumption  and low heat generation 



  • A very short flash time up to 1/200.000/sec 
  • Average power consumption 30W 
  • Average cooling air consumption lower than 70 l/min
  • Average cleaning water consumption 1 l/min
  • IP65 rated housing