Mobile Camera Package

Procemex mobile camera package has a cable reel including network, cooling air and power supply.

The Procemex mobile camera concept has been specifically designed by our engineers to meet the demands of papermakers and printers.

It can be used in all machine sections from forming section through dryer positions to the reel of paper machines. It can also be applied in post processing and in various printing applications.

A typical system configuration includes:

  • Procemex smart camera with selected housing and performance
  • Procemex strobe LED light
  • Tailor-made procemex cable reel

Key features

  • Helps you react fast to solve problems
  • Data is integrated with the main system
  • Can be used on separate machines also
  • All services (air, power, network signal) integrated in one 70 m long spiral cable
  • Procemex cable reel includes air, camera network and power in one spiral cable
  • Full WMS performance with tripod or quick attach brackets
  • Compact and low weight


  • Tripod or quick attach brackets cover all positions 
  • All applications can utilize the same camera 
  • PC-and TCP/IP network compatible
  • Performance (resolution, frame rate, special application features) software selectable
  • Processed data in FIFO RAM buffer
  • Strobe LED light controlling
  • Standard C-mount fixed lens, zoom lens or pinhole lens
  • Flicker and fade in-fade out -free images with 24 VAC ambient light power cycle 
  • Strobe LED light integrated with camera holder
  • Tailor-made cable reel integrates all services
  • Cable reel has lockable wheels