Live Images

A new way to display real time images with unrestricted configuration options.

Procemex real-time images with original camera resolution show you exactly what happens, with megapixel resolution.

Until now, live images have always been presented with lower resolution than recorded events. Procemex Control Room changes this completely. Live images are displayed on one or several 42” monitors with original camera resolution.

Create your own custom control setup

  • Choose the number of cameras displayed at once
  • Select the output location and image size
  • Pre-configured profiles
  • One or several real time monitors
  • Pure software solution – no image conversions
  • Drag and drop images 
  • Zoom in/out by mouse scrolling
  • Profiles linked to operator or automatic control by machine status (Tail Thread Mode, Wet End Runnability Problem Mode, Normal Run Mode etc.)


  • See real time images with original camera resolution
  • Access live images to assess the current situation and need
  • Live images are displayed in selected size & position on one or more 42” monitors
  • Several live image profiles can be created for different machine setups to meet all needs
  • 2.1 megapixel camera live images can be displayed with original resolution