Frames in Pick-up Web Inspection

Pick-up web inspection is creating  full width press section visibility over web break and paper defect root causes.

Carbon fiber beams are designed, engineered and constructed specifically for the purpose of absorbing machine-induced vibration. They are sturdy enough for the widest, over 12m wide machines in the world. The camera and strobe LED illumination modules are cooled by blown air through the camera and light beams.

Camera and light beams support different inspection geometries, starting from simple transmission or reflection measurement extending to complex top and backside multi-illumination measurements.

  • Compact smart cameras inside the camera beam
  • 100% visibility with pinhole cleaning – no moving parts
  • Both web monitoring and web inspection functionality available
  • Continuous visibility over time as no wearing protection window
  • No electronics cards or power supplies inside the beam

Key Features

  • Smallest size & lightest weight in the market (H270 x W190 mm)
  • Eliminates machine-induced vibration
  • U-shape camera and light frame give flexibility with moveable camera fixture
  • Smallest size  frames  in the market– fits easily into tightest locationsNo vibration even with widest frame  widths  up to 12 meters
  • Possibility to add/reduce cameras afterwards
  • Easy service  with running machine  / no electronics inside beams
  • No breaking  glass – innovative Teflon foil for LED module protection
  • Both Web Inspection & Web Monitoring functionality available: Chemical resistant material -  Carbon Fiber
  • 100% visibility with pinhole camera cleaning: Continuous visibility without any moving parts
  • Compact size and light weight: A preferred solution for existing  machines with limited space and easy installation


  • Water tight design
  • Corrosion-proof materials
  • Pinhole cleaning for cameras
  • Water cleaning for light frame
  • Smallest size in the market (H270mm x W190 mm)
  • Weight 20 kg per meter including equipment
  • Average LED light power consumption  10 W / meter
  • Average motor cooling air consumption 4- 6m3/min per beam (500 Pa)