Dienstleistungen und Support

With our powerful remote service solutions and the help of our network of qualified Procemex field engineers we can offer your organisation a world-class support service that helps you maintain high quality imaging performance – every day.

What’s Your Service Strategy?

Your organisation’s ability to address the growing demands of your imaging process, implement new technologies and grow your business is only as effective as your service strategy. Procemex provides you with flexible service solutions that help you maintain the value of your investment and meet your quality targets.

Procemex provides both remote and on-site support services for all our clients around the world. We offer world-class remote and on-site support, fast spare part service and user training to ensure you get the most from your Procemex systems. Procemex helps you create a tailored service strategy that aligns with your plans for growth.

With us you can always select a service combination that best responds to your needs.

High-End Technology in Challenging Environments

Dust, fibres, chemicals and heat typically present in pulp & paper mills and printing houses can damage your hi-tech instruments, reduce imaging quality and lower system performance.

During downtime cameras and lights can be knocked out of alignment and changes in focus and imaging areas can occur easily. It is also important to check that the wash cycle, air flow and cooling are working.

Procemex Support Services are designed to help you maintain your process runnability and dissolve quality bottlenecks.

Checking PC and server logs regularly gives you an opportunity to tackle slowly developing problems before they cause permanent damage.

With us your company will be better prepared to meet your clients’ growing demands in the future.