Procemex Machine Vision Applications in Paper and Print Industry offer different solutions for product quality, production efficiency and operator safety.

In addition to Web Inspection and Web Break Monitoring we have the capability to provide you with machine vision applications to ensure adequate product quality, improved manufacturing efficiency and increased operator safety. We strive to be able to be your single source supplier and to provide applications to cover all your manufacturing stages.

Our machine vision tools are based on KuvioVision Software platform.

KuvioVision is a unique vision software platform that enables vision users to develop and deploy vision systems in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional methods.

This development environment includes graphical tools to create vision applications and all necessary end user UI’s, I/O interfaces and data interfaces for vision systems. Applications can be easily adjusted to suit customer specific environment.

Our Smart Camera includes an image sensor, a processing unit, I/O and connections for network and external I/O. KuvioVision enables vision applications to be deployed in any smart camera with Linux or Windows operating system. KuvioVision applications can be deployed in KuvioKamera Smart Cameras with Linux or Windows operating system.


Please contact us and lets find together a way to increase your Product Quality, Production Efficiency and Operator Safety.