Sharp Paper Web 12 Megapixel Pinhole Images

Procemex New 12 Mega Pixel CRYSTAL smart camera gives you sharp images from corner to corner both in web monitoring and web inspection.  Procemex ground-breaking pinhole technology is the superior solution for all pulp, paper and tissue machines. You can use this Crystal pinhole camera in all locations throughout the paper machine web.

Former image Procemex 12 MPix camera

New CRYSTAL Pinhole Cameras in All Locations

No more fuzzy and dirty images, no more cleaning!
It is now possible to use Procemex Pinhole Camera in all locations while maintaining superior image quality.

The OnePlatform CRYSTAL matrix Camera is an ultra high-performance smart camera designed for the most challenging Web Monitoring System and Web Inspection System applications with high machine speeds and high-resolution requirements.

As most of the cameras are located in the forming and press section, it is critical to keep cameras and lights clean in a harsh environment for gaining excellent images, and therefore, improve the efficiency.

Procemex pinhole housing design differs from others, it stays clean and enables sharp, excellent images. Now even better with a new technology inside!

  • The fastest and most accurate true Smart Camera
  • All applications can utilize the same camera
  • True Smart Cameras with compact packaging
  • Future proof 12 Mega Pixel CMOS based image sensor design – easy to upgrade when needed
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Procemex OnePlatform brochure
Procemex CRYSTAL Camera - Excellent Images
Stays Clean

The new Procemex pinhole technology guarantees a top quality clealiness of camera and assures excellent images for operators to detect defects on paper web.


The 12 MPix imaging is carried out with the leading image sensor technology in light sensitivity resulting 2-4 faster higher shutter speeds and imaging clarity over conventional cameras available.

This high resolution camera features, for the first time, a totally new pinhole technology making it also suitable for inspecting and monitoring positions in harsh environment. The camera with pinhole technology features sharp image in entire imaging area – from corner to corner. You'll get constant results without a human touch!

Data transfer

Procemex cameras are not limited by the network capability, as the camera processes data inside its own shell.

In practice, it is often difficult to utilize the highest resolution available with the conventional cameras, because the system is already using its full data transfer capacity. This is the most typical reason to push paper makers to change their system to Procemex system.

Procemex Smart Cameras in Paper Mills
Your Eyes in Production
Crystal Camera for Web Monitoring

Procemex Web Monitoring Cameras long the production lines provide additional eyes for operators and clarify what happened during the milliseconds when a web break took place.

Also, integration with Procemex Web Inspection System reduces downtime. The main obstacles for better machine efficiency are typically either the number of cameras or inferior image quality.

Procemex 12MPix camera with pinhole lens - trim defect image
Crystal Camera for Web Inspection

Crystal cameras are excellent choice for Web Inspection System: as resolution requirements grow, a high-speed cameras are needed for high-quality images.

Elevated defects can be found easily, when you have a tool to perform the task: Procemex Crystal 12 MPix Camera.

Defect image with Crystal camera debris
No More Blurry or Unclear Images

Procemex Crystal 12 MPix Camera detects and classifies in Black & White or in Color.

Smart Camera Autoshutter provides even exposure and illumination over multiple grades and shades of color. This enables fully automated grade settings even with hundreds of paper grades and color shades.

Market leading 700 Million pixels per second data processing.

Procemex web inspection - large hole on uncoated board
Excellent Clear View - Seeing is Believing!

Unbelievable? Let us come to your mill and show how it works!

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