Add-ons to your system

Does your production need an extra boost? Are there positions you don't see? Does your paper machine have enough eyes?

Upgrading your system with the some add-on cameras, lights and a junction box boost your system and make the most of your existing Procemex web inspection system and / or web monitoring system.

Ease detecting your web break root cause finding and order now!

If there are positions in your paper machine, where you don't see, here are a couple of packages you can order for a quick delivery:

Package 1:

  • 1 pc camera (including a camera, housing and optics). A normal housing or pinhole housing. (product nos. PX7210 or PX7216)
  • 1 pc Eco WMS Led-light (product no. PX7234)
  • 1 pc Junction Box for 4 cameras (product no. PX7300)
  • Brackets for camera and light

Price total: 12,500 EUR ex works

Package 2:

  •  2 pc cameras (including cameras, housings and optics). Normal housings or pinhole housings. (product nos. PX7210 or PX7216)
  •  2 pc Eco WMS Led-lights (product no. PX7234)
  •  2 pc Junction Boxes for 4 cameras (product no. PX7300)
  •  Brackets for camera and light

Price total: 24,000 EUR ex works

Package 3:

A Movable Camera Package (a mobile unit), including:

  • 1 pc Flex camera (product no. PX7210)
  • 1 pc Eco Led-light (product no. PX7264)
  • 1 pc Tripod (product no. X7292
  • 1 pc Cable reel, 50 m (product no. PX7291)
  • OPTIONAL: 1 pc Junction box for movable camera (product no. PX7299)
    • 1,900 EUR ex works

Price total: 18,400 EUR ex works (+ optional 1,900 EUR)


Please note: Installation is not included in the above prices, but can be offered separately. Prices are valid until the 31st of December 2018.



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