Procemex values

Procemex's core excellence lies in mastering optical imaging and image processing, starting from the very beginning of the process: camera sensors.

Procemex has an over 20-year experience which ensures you professional support in securing your product quality and minimize expensive production downtime.

As a Procemex customer you will always have the fastest and most accurate imaging quality, together with a future-proof image sensor design - easily upgradeable whenever more imaging performance is required.

Our experienced team is committed to delivering high quality, swiftly and accurately in everything we do. With this attitude we serve our customers in the world's biggest paper and printing related projects.

Our project teams know what it takes to plan, commission and train a successful project. You don’t need to worry about that. You can be ensured that the project is handled professionally and will create defined payback for you. Our local colleagues, positioned all around the world, possess necessary local know-how and will take care of all after sales services.