One comprehensive integrated user interface for web monitoring
and web inspection

Customer configurable and scalable real-time images on 42” monitor

Integrated Web monitoring & Inspection user interface visualizes paper defects, web breaks and their upstream root causes

Flying splice visualization for Off-Machine-Coaters
Each splice from previous process phases can be recorded and visualized in full machine width and in preferred length

Papermakers' 360 degree cockpit - Integrated Web Monitoring & Inspection System with additional communication and post-processing tools

Procemex Software Modules range from small camera projects up to the greatest production lines in the world, covered by several hundreds of cameras.

  • Web monitoring
  • Web inspection 
  • Forming section analysis
  • Winder control
  • Formation measurement (PTS)
  • Real time images
  • Flying splice analysis 
  • 3rd-party integration
  • Reporting
  • Data exporting (Database views)
  • Printer web access

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