Standard Camera Housing

Industry-proof stainless steel camera housing provides protectíon for camera and lense

Optimum image quality with a separate light
Separate light source with flexible positioning allows optimum lighting

Easy camera dismantling or re-positioning
Both Procemex camera and LED light cables are equipped with quick disconnect connectors allowing easy dismantling without opening the housing 

Standard housing can be easily changed into pinhole housing

Stainless steel camera housing engineered and perfected by Procemex engineers over a 12-year period

The stainless steel camera housing is designed and constructed specifically for the purpose of accommodating cameras with various fixed and zoom lenses.

The housing has been designed for the most hostile environment and survives in harsh locations with water, chemical or ink spills and high ambient temperatures

Cooling & Cleaning in hostile machine environments

Cameras are cooled using instrument air. Temperature insulation inside the camera housing reduces significantly the need for cooling. In some positions warmer than 60°C (140°F) it is necessary to use a Vortex cooler to guarantee a suitable ambient temperature for the camera. In extremely hot positions like in modern impingement dryers reaching 200°-250°C (390°– 480°F) ambient temperatures, it is necessary to use water to cool the cameras

  • All components made with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature insulation inside the housing
  • Bayonet connection opens the nose part of the housing
  • Standard housing can be changed into pinhole housing by changing small nose piece
  • Quick disconnect cable enable easy dismantling without opening the housing
  • Camera – junction box cables are ruggedized industry cables (no FO)
  • Exchangeable protection window
  • Housing Size (Diameter 129, Height 207 mm, Length 330 mm)
  • Weight 7 kg incuding camera 
  • Material 316 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature insulation built into housing
  • Bayonett connection
  • Camera and light can be installed separately to create optimum illumination and viewing angle
  • Quick attach cables for ease of installation/removal

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