Over 600 Procemex image detecting solutions with over 7000 cameras delivered!

Procemex has been a pioneer in the visualization of production problems in paper machines since 1990. Procemex uses and produces hi-tech: design smart cameras and software platforms technology, every Procemex product and system is uncompromisingly designed to improve paper mill competitiveness and productivity. With our over 20-year experience we can help you to secure your product quality and minimize expensive production downtime and maintenance costs.

Procemex imaging systems promote the quality of paper production through two individual aspects: by securing the quality of the output, and by reducing the unscheduled downtime of the production machinery itself.

“A web break is perhaps the most common issue hindering paper production,” says Mr. Mika Valkonen, CEO of Procemex. “The longest paper machines in the world are nearly 500 meters long. You can imagine that as the wet paper web is transported through the machine with a speed of up to 2,000 meters per minute, it will break very easily in the occurrence of even the tiniest of problems.”

In the event of a web break, the Procemex Web Monitoring System (WMS) will receive a signal and immediately send video footage to the control room where the origin and reason of the web break can be studied.

In a similar way, the Procemex Web Inspection System (WIS) can send a triggering signal to the WMS system when it identifies a big hole, stripe, spot, or wrinkle in the paper. The reasons for such defects can then be identified through the Web Monitoring System. In the Procemex integrated web monitoring and inspection system the common server effectively enables this function.

With the aid of Procemex camera systems, the final result is a combination of paper production with better quality, production with less unscheduled downtime, plus a satisfied customer.

Procemex solutions have been delivered to over 50 countries in all continents. There are over 35 system deliveries in North American paper mills now and with Procemex new investment to the market, the number is predicted to increase considerably.